Creating Invoices

Invoices may be created in SWORD through two methods.


Converting a Service Order to an Invoice
Creating an Invoice without a Service Order


To create an Invoice from a Service Order go to the Audit Service Orders for Billing Table, plus:


1.Set the SO Status to "Post to Accounting," which sets the View Level to 80 (default for Post to Accounting);
2.Make the SO "Ready to Post = Yes " by opening the SO and checking the checkbox [Ready to Post]. Alternately, you may use the "prep tagged orders" procedure to automatically change a batch of "tagged" SOs; the Ready to Post field is changed from No to Yes and the current date is applied.





3. Highlight the SO record that is ready to be converted to an invoice.

4. Click the [Make SO > Invoice] button, which copies the SO information into a new invoice record in the Invoice Table.



5. Click the [Show Invoices] button to open the Invoice Table and edit the invoice as needed.

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