Service Work Orders, Policy for Order Creation



Write detailed, specific information on each work order so that the technician will be fully prepared at the site.


Example:  The customer wants to relocate an extension. Does the phone jack already exist? Do we need to run a cable? Do we need to provide a phone?  Do we need to do any programming on the system to change the phone extension?


TIP: Establish Response Goals for your most frequent Service Request.


Our service goal for Adds, moves & changes (order numbers begin with A - this includes Pre-fields) is five (5) business days.


Service orders or equipment repair (order numbers begin with S – this includes Help Desk) will be routed as soon as our schedule permits or the situation demands. Our service goal for service orders is the same or next business day.
Warranted customers are guaranteed a 4 hour response for a down system. Regular service, non-warranty or new customers will get same or next day response for down systems.


Verify the customer’s account, location, first and last name, phone number and contact person prior to completing the phone call. Add all appropriate information the technician may need to the body of the work order, or attach additional information if needed.


Enter all work orders while the customer or technician is on the phone and give the customer or technician the work order reference number.


Assess the work order request prior to moving on to your next task.


Verify that the information is accurate and can be easily understood by the dispatcher and the technician assigned to the order.


If a specific skill level is required to complete the order, note it both on the work order request and in dispatcher comments.


If the order can be assigned to any technician on staff, assign it to “Need to Schedule.”


If a specific appointment date or time was given to the customer, schedule it for that date and time, add it to the Requested Work field and add a dispatcher comment to the order.


If paperwork is required to complete or process the request, print the work order, attach all paperwork related to the project and place it in the open work order folder.


Write a dispatcher comment that the work order is printed with an attachment and in the open work order file to prevent duplicate printing.


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